Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

GMIWhen it comes to Aluminum, Greenwich Metals, Inc. is active in all the major primary, secondary & specialty use markets. With the expertise to handle ingot, sow, scrap and residues, we can market products to consumers all over the globe. We specialize in forging scrap trading partnerships that bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers.

Our involvement in the secondary aluminum market is characterized by our ability to offer domestic and imported Specification Aluminum Ingot. Need a proprietary alloy? Our toll program allows us to produce alloy to meet your individual needs. We offer metal from major producers in North America, South America, and Europe and are able to provide high-quality competitively priced products on a regular basis.

For our die cast customers who are able to blend and alloy molten in-house, we offer RSI Aluminum Sow in a variety of alloys such as 380, 319 and 356. GMI also offers RSI Aluminum Sow in UBC, 3000 and 5000 alloy chemistry to our mill customers.
Take advantage of Greenwich Metals' experience gained by moving thousands of tons of Aluminum Scrap to consumers in North America as well as overseas. Call us when you sell such items as old sheet or cast aluminum (call it taint/tabor or tense if you want to export it overseas!) Let us market your mill scrap, UBC and extrusion to our extensive customer base. If the metal is aluminum, we can move it.

If you need experienced traders who are experts on the metal market, then give us a call. We appreciate all inquiries and look forward to the opportunity to bring your metal to the marketplace.