About Us

Our Philosophy

Greenwich Metals, Inc. is a relationship-oriented company. We believe in establishing partnerships with each of our trading associates with the understanding that every transaction has the potential to grow into long term business. Our philosophy is that cooperation and responsiveness are key to our mutual success.

Our Mission

Greenwich Metals, Inc. strives to be a leader in the recycling industry by maintaining superior performance standards.

Service is the hallmark of the Greenwich Metals, Inc. commitment. Our goal is to be responsive to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you call (our company) you will never get voice-mail, you will always reach a real person who can address your needs.

We strive to provide the highest quality metal at competitive prices. All of our deliveries include itemized packing lists and analysis certificates in compliance with ISO 9000 requirements.

Our strong Integrity ensures that you can count on Greenwich Metals, Inc. to deliver as promised every time. Our reputation is our most important asset and integral to building long-term relationships.

Teamwork is the mortar that holds this company together. Greenwich Metals, Inc. is an old fashioned trading company - we're not big on fancy titles or three piece suits. Cooperation and ingenuity are the foundations of the team approach we use to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Team

Greenwich Metals, Inc. has a dedicated team consisting of top traders, expert traffic coordinators and a seasoned accounting and financial department. We may look young and beautiful but as a group we have more than 100 years of trading experience in our office.


Peter Appleby - Principal trader and founder of Greenwich Metals Inc. Ask him about his interest in philatelics.

Ann Ellsworth - Veteran bookkeeper, administrator extraordinaire and owner of New England's largest collection of "flip-flops".

Philip Essenhigh - Magnesium queen and expert on all things English. He lives for purchase order numbers and burning the midnight oil.

GMICasey Kinney - Import/Export/Domestic Logistics. If metal comes or goes in a 20’, 40’ or 53 foot unit, Casey is our man to keep it moving to our nationwide third party warehouses and to your facility. Casey is also pretty good with 2 x 4s & can offer expert advice on home remodeling.

Bob Klide - Traffic Manager. Knows exactly what to do with all those import and export documents to get metal to you when you want it. Also the Greenwich Metal's "Muzak" manager- If you like the tunes, thank Bob.

Jeffrey Lieberman - Our Greenwich in-house technical & internet wizard. Jeff may be into wireless, paperless and meat-less but he also knows his metals! Call him for help with those tough to place recyclables and those hard to source alloys.

GMIJulio Norori - Our Mexican representative and “lead” guitarist, Julio strums his way through sourcing finished metal, scrap and plastic throughout Latin America.

Terri O'Connor - Finance and credit. Just don't pay late.

Lee Raymond - Scrap Buyer/Metal Sales. He has more scrap under his desk than most consumers have in their inventory! Also known to enjoy long walks through scrap yards during the "mud" season.

Leo Talavera - Soft Lead and lead alloys are his bread and butter but he's there to snap any metal and coffee opportunity he can encounter.

Antonia Thalheimer - North American Logistics. If you have it or need it, she can move it! Ask her any question about T.V. reality shows and she's likely to know the answer.


Our Greenwich, Connecticut office is complimented by a worldwide network of distinguished agents and first class public warehouses.